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Vic Carrabotta

I am now semi-retired and am consider a living icon of the Golden Age of American comics. I have also worked in mainstay of graphic design and storyboarding from New York to Los Angeles, and accomplished artist and artistic director. After graduating from what would become the School of Visual Arts in New York, I went on to serve my country with the Marines.

From there, I began a long and illustrious career in the creative arts spanning eight decades. Some of my highlights include original design concepts and storyboarding for such Disney projects as 101 Dalmatians and Pirates of the Carribean, development and direction of marketing campaigns for such diverse customers as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, AT&T, Reader's Digest, and even the Mother Earth News.

My most enduring legacy, however, continues to be some of my earliest work when I became one of Stan Lee's "go-to" artists in the early years of Atlas (later Marvel) comics.

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Latest Appearances 2021

Captain’s Comic Expo – February 21-22
PowerComic con – March 6th, 2021
Charlotte Comicon – April 11, 2021
Concord Micro Con – 2021
Heroes Con – 2021 (cancelled)
Charlotte Comicon – August 1st, 2021
Power Comiccon – September 28th, 2021
SC Comicon 2020 –  October 3, 2021
Fayetteville Comic Con - Appearning Sunday Only - October 17, 2021
Soda City Comic Con – October 30, 31, 2021
Giant Size Charlotte Mini-Con - Appearning Sunday Only - Nov 7th
Charleton Con – November 20, 2021

Power Comic Con - March 22, 2022

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